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"David Knudtson has

created a series of chests of drawers like no other."


      David's passion for furniture design came in a round about way through the studies of forestry and engineering, followed by the pursuit of an acting, singing, and songwriting career. Through the 80's and 90's he bank-rolled (losely used) these false callings, laboring as a house painter, handyman, carpenter, and cabinet maker, until at some point around the turn of the century, he stepped off the songwriting career path to make his last stand as that of a furniture maker.

       Being possessed of a life-long compulsion to bring forth his own creations, David, of course, would not be satisfied with the mere fabrication of others ideas. And as is evident, he has, in a relatively short period of time, manifested a stunning array of original contemporary chests.

             So in gleeful irony, here he is, coursing headlong into a livelihood closely related to what, for the longest time, were but the vehicles by which he chased his younger self's dreams.


"Riding The Ox Home"




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